why does love hurt so bad?

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I agree that love hurt but i don't think it hurt the way too think, life often presents a compelling argument that the two types of pain share a common source within soulmate.

 We all thing like "we were soulmate and i trusted and now he broke my heart"... It is normal to trust you soulmate.

But when you know you easily trust people that will be nothing but hurt in your life, I am not saying not to trust but don't trust everyone not even your so called soulmate.

 i know you are asking "what am i saying? all relationship are build with trust" yes i know that. but you just can't meet a guy for few mouth and you start calling him soulmate.

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Or maybe he took you out and made you fall in love with him. the next thing you give him all your trust and  believe him is your soulmate. seriously?, just like that?. The best way is too put him to a test find out if he is worthy of you. It took me three year before my girlfriend could trust me.i am not saying you should do the same but let it take time before you call him  soul and take more time before calling him mate..

Do this before you start crying about your so called soulmate all relationship are build with trust but does not mean you should be giving trust everyone you meet 

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I believe love shouldn't hurt. sometimes all we have is  life often presents a compelling argument that the two types of pain share a common source. Old couples frequently make the news because they can’t physically survive without one another. In one example from early 2012, Marjorie and James Landis of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, who’d been married for 65 years, died just 88 minutes apart. what a perfect soulmate

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Behavioral science is catching up with the anecdotes, too. In the past few years, psychology researchers have found a good deal of literal truth embedded in the metaphorical phrases comparing love to pain. Neuroimaging studies have shown that brain regions involved in processing physical pain overlap considerably with those tied to social anguish. The connection is so strong that traditional bodily painkillers seem capable of relieving our emotional wounds. Love may actually hurt, like hurt hurt, after all. for those who believe in finding soulmate in two mouth.

so treat your trust like it the only thing that can find your soulmate cause it is..

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