How do love start?

love is one thing no one can explain do matter how you try but in this article i will show you how love start.

From my research i believe love start from young age we usually believe that at we don't know what love is at that age.

those thought are wrong, i know you are a little confuse but let me break it down for you by giving you 4 reason why i believe love start at a young age.


I know this loud lame but come to think of it, when we were young  no matter how our life was(fun or boring) we all have a girl or boy we call friend  and can do anything to impress them.

from the look of thing that is love, that girl/boy we talk to and the day we do not see her we feel lonely and this point this is where the love start.


we all remember the way it feel when we talk to her/him, I don't know about you but i remember perfectly. every time i talk i always feel like i am doing to fall of the clip.we can't not hide any secret from each other and always love to be around each other to talk about movie, our life, and so on..

are you see the fact of how our love start. let me continue 


I know you some of you are asking yourself what am i saying? let me answer it of you

every time we are bored or sad, or even angry. there is one person that can change that mode in within so time, no matter how much you love ice cream or piazza that can change your mode. it is only her/him that can make us happy and have fun..


Yea trust is the only we can give and make them feel loved 

when we were young we trust a lot of people but the trust you give him/her is so unimaginable that we tell them every thing we don't tell our parent nor our best friend
 we trust them with our life. So when your mom said "i know you better than everyone" just smile i think about the only person that know you better

now that it have been explain to you. you should know how our love started from 

please i will love to know if you have anything to said
in the comment 

if you did not have this feeling of somebody than you childhood is boring than mine .........

this is how love start and how it will end...

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