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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Love Island’s Amy Hart mocks ‘robot’ Curtis Pritchard with Amber Gill and Molly-Mae Hague after brutal split

Love Island - Curtis Robot Tweet

Love Island’s Amy Hart is clearly mending a broken heart but has savagely been mocking Curtis Pritchard as a ‘robot’ around the villa. Fresh from the devastating dumping, Amy alongside besties Amber Gill and Molly-Mae Hague took to ripping Curtis for his stunted style of talking which they compared to a robot. In a clip aired on tonight’s episode Unseen Bits, viewers were divided over the

 seemingly repeated joke both to Curtis’s face and behind his back. The whole thing kicked off when Curtis refused to speak to Amber as she comforted Amy, who was in tears in the bedroom. As Curtis approached her to talk through his confession that he had considered leaving her for someone else, Amber stepped in and told her it wasn’t the time. ‘Mr Robot, we all call him Curtis the Robot now,’ 

Amy announced, revealing that his snub of Amber caused her to ask him why he was talking ‘like a robot’. Amy was seen doing robot arms and pretending to be her ex (Picture: ITV) From then on they took aim at everything he said and did. Amy was later seen moving her arms in a robotic fashion, stating: ‘I think there was a mistake in my programming.’ ‘I like to make coffee for everyone in the 

mornings, that’s why I didn’t like to cuddle you in the mornings,’ Molly-Mae and Amy later joked. ‘I think he must’ve pressed CTRL ALT DEL on your relationship, Amy,’ voiceover Iain Stirling chipped in. The robot joke became a running gag with the girls (Picture: ITV) While some agreed that Amy had every right to mock her now ex-half-boyfriend, others thought that she was being 

mean-spirited by going after how he walks and talks. Amy and Curtis were officially done this week as Curtis called time on their romance – in a completely blunt and savage manner. ‘When I meet someone else, I don’t want to go through this again. So I would like some constructive feedback from you, of things that I could do differently,’ she told him as they tried to bury the hatchet. ‘It’s f***ing 

hard for me to say to you,’ he said – to which she encouraged him to say it anyway, seeing as they’ve now split up so it couldn’t get worse. Curtis then conceded: ‘You do need a lot of reassurance.’ He then delivered the killer blow and said: ‘Someone was saying to me, is this girl someone you want to marry and have kids with and all of this, and I couldn’t envision myself having kids with you, or marrying you.’→More

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